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Nucline™ all modality acquisition software

Nucline™ is a fully configurable acquisition software framework, which offers standardized acquisition workflows for all
modalities in one common platform. Due to the common software framework Nucline provides fully integrated true hybrid
imaging solutions for all camera products of Mediso.
The new advanced 3D Geometric Planner of Nucline™ allows operators to use any kind of already acquired images as a
reference for the next acquisition in a smooth and intuitive visualization framework.
The human and pre-clinical acquisition line is fully covered by Nucline™, which makes the whole system standardized and
intuitive. This way Nucline™ provides easy operation for users working in the field of both clinical and pre-clinical routine.
Main features of Nucline™
– Provides a common software framework of all camera products of Mediso
– Provides a common platform for all imaging modalities
– Supported modalities: NM, CT, PET, MRI.
– Uniform UI through all modalities
– Product lines: Human and small animal (preclinical)
– Timeline planning (automatic connected steps)
– Protocol steps with predefined parameters (medical examination)
– Geometric planning (using previous images)
– Bolus trigger and bolus tracking for CT acquisitions
– Extended Tera-Tomo™ 2D Planar, 3D SPECT, 3D SPECT-Q (optional), 3D CT and 3D PET engine

InterView™ XP Planar, whole body & SPECT processing software

– Complete collection of organ-specific dedicated planar, whole body and SPECT-Procedures:
– Cardiology
– Endocrinology
– Exocrinology
– Gastroenterology
– Hepatology
– Mammography
– Nephrology

– Procedures with step-by-step wizard style for standardized workflows
– Intelligent image role-driven evaluation
– Highly automated processing tools
– Complete support for evaluating static, dynamic and gated studies
– Factory-default and user-defined variants of procedures
– Easy operation due to simplified, smooth GUI
– Unified report framework for easy report generation
– Several tools for evaluation: Motion correction, filters, reconstructions
– Fusion and automated co-registration of reconstructed images with CT images
– Extensive filter database supporting user-defined filter definitions for dedicated use
– 2D- and 3D-image viewers, polar maps, histograms, time activity viewers, profile curve viewers
– Multi-format image presentation in excellent quality
– Modern, simplified GUI for easy operation
– Data exchange with standard compliant nuclear medicine workstations, using DICOM protocol
– Tera-Tomo™ 2D Image Enhancement Module (option)
– Tera-Tomo™ 3D SPECT
– Tera-Tomo™ 3D SPECT-Q Quantitative Reconstruction Engine (option)

InterView™ FUSION Multimodality Processing Software

– Dual / triple / quad fusion display of multi-modality studies (SPECT-CT-PET-MRI)
– Multiple types of image and non-image viewers (2D-, 3D- and 4D- viewers, TAC and Profile Curve viewers)
– Multi-workspace architecture: 16 virtual screens
– Single, comparative and follow-up layouts
– Registration of images (automatic affine, automatic nonlinear, semi-automatic landmark nonlinear and affine manual)
– Segmentation of images (PET lesions, SPECT sentinel lymph node, CTA coronaries, etc.)
– Arithmetic operations between images (add, subtract, multiply, absolute difference, min, max, mean)
– Dynamic series support (Time and Spatial domain in viewers, time frame merging, etc.)
– Extended measurement functionality;
– Many kinds of definable ROIs and VOIs
– novel SUV and non-SUV based statistical calculations (e.g. Heterogeneity, Entropy)
– ROI/VOI arithmetic operations (Union and Intersection)
– DICOM RT support
– Excel-compatible calculation board definition / save / load for daily QC and research
– Support of DICOM services and DICOM servers (loading and saving)
– Flexible, simplified user interface
– Tera-Tomo™ 3D SPECT Bone Enhancement Module