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All-in-one, single room installed SPECT/CT & PET/CT system for any NM procedure

This unique triple modality system can be the perfect choice for your clinic. Combining the flexible SPECT , the diagnostic CT, and LYSO crystal-based PET modality can suit all needs of today’s Molecular Imaging.
There is no switching time between the NM modalities therefore the clinicians can freely decide on the preferred hybrid imaging technique. Whether it is a divided SPECT/CT and PET/CT day, or half-week SPECT-only, SPECT/CT and half-week PET/CT schedule, is up to local preference, patient and examination types.



All-around daily routine SPECT/CT solution for hybrid and standard Nuclear Medicine imaging

AnyScan® SC camera is your perfect choice as a versatile imaging system in our clinical portfolio. It can be your daily workhorse with the addition of special configurations to your routine studies thanks to its all-around approach. The system becomes a perfect Nuclear Medicine multimodality device with the supplementary diagnostic CT system. From Whole Body scans, through all hybrid SPECT/CT examinations, to therapy planning, AnyScan® SC system covers all routine NM hybrid applications.


Flexible system for all routine SPECT, Whole Body & planar examinations

Starting camera for your nuclear medicine department with onsite upgrade possibilities of CT and PET modalities. AnyScan® S camera is your cost-effective solution for basic NM examinations. Moreover, due to its flexible detector configuration, special studies can be performed quickly and easily with precise positioning and intuitive system use. The camera has an integrated acquisition system with guided protocol sets.