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AnyScan® SPECT-CT-PET triple modality system uniquely integrates Mediso’s state-of-the-art new SPECT, PET and CT modules.
AnyScan® SPECT-CT-PET device is capable of high quality scans in both nuclear and radiological modalities – SPECT, PET and CT – and it will offer all the diagnostic and therapy planning and monitoring advantages for the patient reducing the number of necessary visits. Acquiring multiple studies during one appointment increases comfort and convenience for the patient.
The new imaging technology withAnyScan® SPECT-CT-PET system will enable clinicians to utilize the device in five ways to perform five separate studies – SPECT-CT-PET, SPECT-CT, PET-CT, SPECT, multi-slice CT – all with a single system.







AnyScan S

The gantry has a small footprint, it was designed with improved safety factor to ensure high stability.
– 180, 102 or 90 degree variable angle head positions with high precision positioning
– Industry standard CAN connected automation computer
– Hand controller located on the gantry monitor, the optional additional hand controller is located on the opposite side of the gantry
– Pre-programmed robotic gantry motions
– Detector integrated infrared body contouring

– 180 degree detector positioning with online body contouring for whole body examination
– 90 degree detector positioning with online body contouring for cardiac examination
– Full automatic motion calibrations
– Maintenance-free mechanical design
– Patient Aperture: 75 cm


 AnyScan SC

AnyScan® system combines the power of nuclear medicine with the precision of 16/8 slices fast helical CT technology.
AnyScan®’s CT module supplies precise data for the attenuation correction and provides excellent diagnostic imaging capability.
AnyScan® family offers alternative choice of 16 or 8 slice diagnostic CT or 8 slice non diagnostic CT.
The CT module consists of a high resolution ceramic detector. The rotation speed is up to 0.5 sec with a 360-degree rotation.

– Patient Aperture: 70 cm
– Scan Field of View: 50 cm (70 cm for localization and corrections)
– Acquisition Times (360°): 0.5, 0.7, 1, 1.5 and 2 sec.

X-Ray Generator
– Power: 60 kW for diagnostic or ≤ 10 kW for non-diagnostic CT

X-Ray Tube
– Tube Voltage: 80 – 140 kVp
– X-Ray Tube Current: 5 – 500 mA for diagnostic or 5 – 100 mA for non-diagnostic CT
– Anode Heat storage capacity: 7.5 MHU
– Automatic dose control (with ultra-low-dose & pediatric protocols)


AnyScan PC

The PET module is carefully designed to integrate with the other modalities of AnyScan®. The high sensitivity and excellent
resolution facilitate fast examination process and accurate clinical diagnosis.
– Molecular PET imager module with high resolution LYSO detector technology
– Independent gantry under common PET/CT gantry cover
– 70 cm gantry bore diameter
– 90.2 cm ring diameter
– High precision digital imaging electronics
– High spatial resolution
– Excellent volume sensitivity
– FBP-SSRB, 3DOSEM, 3DML and Tera-Tomo™ 3D PET reconstruction
– Different FOV options for increased sensitivity
– The selected FOV may be extended with a later purchase (Field upgradable)



AnyScan S FLEX and AnyScan SC FLEX options

Due to its flexible detector movement AnyScan® S SPECT and AnyScan® SC SPECT/CT are suitable for all demanding
scan procedures.
– Acquisition in PA and AP positions with standing patient
– Examination of patient sitting on wheelchair or sitting on a chair between the detectors
– Acquisition on gurney in supine and semi-supine position
– Cardiac acquisition with online body-contouring