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Upgrade de Mediso SPECT/CT a SPECT/CT/PET

October 2021

The Minister of Health visited the Nuclear Medicine section of the IICS and expressed full support for UNA

The Minister of Public Health and Social Welfare, Dr. Julio Borba expressed his full support for the Health Science Research Institute (IICS) of the National University of Asunción (UNA). The national authority visited the Nuclear Medicine service of the Department of Biomedical Engineering where the first Positron Emission Tomograph (PET) of the public sector is installed.

Accompanying Dr. Borba, Vice Ministers Hernán Martínez and Lida Sosa.

The hosts of the minister were Prof. Dr. Zully Vera de Molinas, rector of UNA; the general director of the IICS, Dr. Mario Martínez and the head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Prof. Dr Dipl-Ing. Biom. Pedro Galvan.

PET will be very useful for patients in the public sector considering the great demand that exists, especially from vulnerable people who require this type of diagnostic service for the detection and adequate treatment of different types of cancer.

During his visit, the minister expressed his support for the rector of UNA and the health team that works at IICS. He promised the support of the Ministry under his charge to facilitate the provision of the necessary supplies so that more patients access the services of the PET Scan.

Ícono de validado por la comunidad

Dr. Borba announced that the agreements between UNA and MSPyBS will be renewed to strengthen the alliance with academia and promote research at IICS and UNA in areas of public health interest.

The minister had the opportunity to meet the professionals who work in the area of ​​Nuclear Medicine and the foreign instructors sent by the IAEA and the PET factory, who are currently training the team that will be in charge of the operation of the Tomograph.

The inauguration of the service is scheduled for October 29 and once it is enabled, the first patients will be scheduled to be selected through a protocol that will be developed and validated by the MSPyBS and the IICS.