Hwatime, Oxygen Generator.

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Inteligent Circulation Oxygen Generator System

Medical central oxygen generation system is Medical molecular sieve PSA system, using molecular sieve as absorbent, through pressure swing adsorption, use oxygen as raw material, under normal temperature and low pressure, use molecular sieve pressure nitrogen in the air(adsorbate) adsorption increased capacity, reduced pressure in the air when the nitrogen adsorption capacity reduction feature, forming pressure adsorption, desorption decompression fast cycle, the oxygen in the air and nitrogen can be separated, and the air of carbon dioxide, the gaseous acid and other gaseous oxides, etc., belong to strong polar molecule substances who is difficult to pass sieve, so that the oxygen production concentration can be more than 93%±3%.


The application of PSA oxygen generation technology has been recognized in medical field at home and abroad. America brought molecular sieve oxygen generation into United States Pharmacopeia in 1990 and China also published General Specification for Medical Molecular Sieve Oxygen EquipmentYY-T0298-1998 in 1998. According to the statistics in the end of 2010, more than 2000 hospitals in China  have used molecular sieve oxygen generation system to produce oxygen. It’s developing rapidly and accepted by lots of hospitals because of its safety, convenience, controllable, stable performance and super low-cost that other gas sources can’t catch up with. What’s more, it is gradually replacing cylinder oxygen and liquid oxygen, becoming the first source of oxygen of hospitals and one of the most important signs of hospital modern management.