Biodex, Thyroid uptake system .

Syringe and shielding   –   Dose calibration   –   thyroid uptake system   –   lung ventilation system  –  phantoms   –   radiation detection



• Unique Positioning LED for accurate thyroid centering – A First in Thyroid Uptake System Design
• Distance measurement rod with incremental markings (detector-to-patient)
• The combination of positioning LED and distance bar assure accurate, repeatable patient positioning and uptake measurements
• All-in-one flat panel PC with solid state hard drive featuring Windows® Operating System
• Count rate: 150,000 cps
• Color touch-screen adjustable height monitor – medical grade tactile touch
• Extremely intuitive menus follow conventionally established nuclear medicine procedures
• Compact mobile platform requires little floor space – easy to move
• Innovative multi-axis and height adjustable arm for easy patient positioning of seated or supine patients
• Calibration/Constancy fixture for simple and automated calibration
• Convenient storage positions for Neck Phantom and Calibration/Constancy Fixture
• 1024-channel multichannel analyzer
• Software programs for Thyroid Uptake, Wipe Test, Quality Assurance, Manual MCA and Bioassay
• Controlled and monitored via Ethernet or Serial Port
• NEW DICOM Compliant (optional) – Government approved to interface with VistA Imaging
• 2″ x 2″ NaI(Tl) detector with collimated shield (meets IAEA specifications)
• Heavy duty locking casters
• Smart cable management
• Industry exclusive two-year warranty